Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fashion Forward

I've been looking for something fabulous and chic to wear as a veil without looking like:

a) a beekeeper

b) an extra in the Madonna like a virgin or like a prayer music video

this girl really hit the nail on the head...

via OnceWed


  1. really?! i spied that this morning and thought it was way too distracting, even that gorgeous dress couldn't over come the hat's old lady kentucky derby vibe

  2. I tried on a smaller version of something like this (a mini top hat with a birdcage attached). I LOVED it, but knew that my Groom would think I was being ridiculous! I love these shots, and love that she pulled it off!

    Go with your gut after all, you are the bride, and can wear a hat if you want to!!