Friday, July 30, 2010

fancy wedded bliss

Gawker has released photos of where Chelsea Clinton will getting married tomorrow in Rhinebeck, New York. It was built by the John Jacob Astor IV to resemble Versailles, and was rumored to be taken off the market recently to be able to be used as the wedding venue for the Clintons.

Granted it's a really fancy house but I like that she's using a house nonetheless and not some schmancy country club nearby or somewhere in Manhattan like everyone else.

Since presidents and their families are the closest we'll every get to royalty it'll be interesting to see pictures of this multi million dollar wedding when all is said and done.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I think we're moving backwards here, but I've lost track

Has anyone seen or heard about this? The California marriage protection act is a measure that John Marcott is trying to put on the November ballot trying to ban divorce in California.

I think his point is to make a statement that in regards to Prop 8, the proposition that passed in California banning gay marriage, that if we find marriage such a sacred act, that we should ban divorce considering that (according to Mr. Marcott) the 50% of marriages that fail in the country is making a mockery of marriage.

Agreed that the divorce rate is sort of sad Mr. Marcott but instead of making such an extreme political statement under the guise of satire, maybe we should be educating young men and women about the responsibilities of marriage, and make marriage more about succeeding in a relationship and finding a partner you can spend your life with and less about the wedding and all the fun and pretty things? Maybe we should embrace the responsibilities educating those ready to marry 20 somethings and remind people more often about what they are taking on before they unknowingly jump into something they may regret later?

In this country the wedding is the supposed pinnacle of a relationship, so how can you expect a marriage to succeed if according to the wedding industry and the fairy tale stories it's the best day of your life? That might suggest it's all downhill from there, meaning it's no surprise that a lot of marriages end in divorce.

I get what you're going for here, and while some may snicker, and some may choke at your arguments and your desire to get this measure on the ballot, I just want to tell you I'm sad that instead of focusing on the real problem here, of not encouraging men and women to make real responsible choices in their relationships and their personal lives (married, single, gay, straight) you're just pissing a lot of people off and graying the issue further.

Your thoughts? Do you get what he's saying and find it funny? Or are you kind of wanting to can probably guess where I lie on the issue.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I die

Like Literally...

Is anyone else excited about The Rachel Zoe project starting again?

I wish i had her job, or maybe just her closet. And I have a little crush on Brad <3 Love him.

The show starts August 2nd, 10 pm Bravo.

Get excited. I know I am.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Why wedding venues don't call you back

Has anyone else had this problem? I'm looking at renting a house to have the wedding and reception, and I'm seriously in love with the home. It would be perfect for what we want to do, relaxed and formal all in one place. Everyone loves the idea, the boy and both families really want this to work for us and the guy will. not. call. us. back.

After so many calls from different family members, multiple emails and even reviews on the rental website the guy is a no show. He's turned off his phone, makes excuses and asks you to call him back, and then the cherry on top, he butt dials us while he's driving in the car.

And now I'm heartbroken cause this was what I really wanted for our wedding.

This isn't the only place this has happened to us, and I'm starting to get annoyed. I'm going to give you $5000 to rent out your space and y'all poo poo it like it's nothing. And in this economy one would think you would be falling all over yourselves to book your venues and put some money in your pocket but ignoring the customer is not smart. This is BAD BUSINESS and I'm starting to lose my patience with the wedding industry.

Anyone else experience the no show wedding folk?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Here's hoping

I haven't been keeping up with the blogs lately (sorry guys, really I am). We've been kind of busy with family, school prep, wedding prep and whatnot. But I finally got to some of them again today, and I am very glad I did.

I've been struggling with worry (shocking) now that the boy and I have decided to get married. It's scary to think that many many marriages don't survive, and when we are constantly bombarded with images of marriages going kaputz it's scary to think we are signing up for the potential possibility of heartbreak and failure. I guess that the chance you take with someone you love.

But this made me cry, and made me hopeful (something that's hard to do when you're getting married in a world where happy marriage is fleeting these days, unfortunately)

from A Practical Wedding, written by one of her readers Rachel:

"Last week, my husband and I visited my dad’s parents, who have been married 57 years. Cooking breakfast in the morning, she would call across kitchen to the living room, where he was reading he paper. “Joseph!” she sung. He would pick his head up and beam at her while she waved her fingers back at him. When we went into town, they walked with arms around each other’s backs.

Some marriages don’t last. We know that, and it’s scary to begin this journey with that in mind. But there are also people like my Nana and Pop-Pop, who have lived through the murder of a sister, deaths of their parents and many of their friends, a quadrupal bypass, three sons and 8 grandchildren, and a rash of mental illness, and who still behave like two teenagers in puppy-love. There is hope, and if we don’t leap because we’re afraid love might not be there tomorrow, it won’t."

This is so cute I can't stand it.

Have a great day.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Aaaaaand they're off!!!!

Did anyone know there's this secret race out there that no bride wants to talk about? The wedding race?

I haven't really been all that in to wedding venue searches, it never really was something I thought I needed to get on right away; especially since we aren't getting married for a year. And not to mention the fact that it's almost impossible to find a venue that is reasonable and cool all in one. One place I looked at had a pretty reasonable fee of $2500 for the garden and ballroom but then mentioned the $20,000 food and beverage minimum...baaaaaarf

I've been getting emails from girls who just got married saying things like, "Oh I bet you're in mega wedding planning mode by now right?! I know I sure was..." If you consider watching, Say Yes to the Dress over and over then sure.

Well the boy comes in the other night after visiting his recently engaged friend and proceeds to tell me we really need to get on the ball, they got engaged after we did and they already have a date and a venue for August 2011...gasp.

So then I get overwhelmed and start calling everyone in the book about venues, and you know what? A lot of places already have dates booked...FOR NEXT YEAR. I know this is all new to me and maybe some of you are saying, duh but that boggles my mind. I can't believe it. There's this wedding race going on and I'm not even out of the gates yet when other people have already made a few laps.

Any suggestions on ways to inquire about/internet sites for venues? So far I have 4 good prospects.

In other news, trust me, the girl that wears heels to the grocery store to have already found her dress before she found a venue. But trust me, it's so fab I'll even wear it to the courthouse if I have to, super long train and all.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dear John

You are mighty handsome my friend. I look forward to your victorious return.

Your cigarette smoke filled, tweed suited, greased hair, a 5 o' clock shadowed return.

I love you.

Mad Men season 4 starts July 25th. Anyone else as excited as I am?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Like whoah

Has anyone seen these recently published photos of Gwenyth Paltrow's Tribeca apartment?


That tree bed is to die for, and who doesn't love a hanging chair?

Good job Gwen.

So doc...

Pre-marital counseling...

Thoughts? Know anything about it?

Ever done it?

Wish that you had?

We're thinking about it, I don't see anything wrong with it, I think wanting to get started on the right foot before marriage is a good thing non? But there's this stigma somewhat associated with couples counseling.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm embracing our imperfections!

So yeah, mom was in town, then sister was in town, then it was July 4th and now life is back to normal as life gets in LA.

I have a bone to pick.

There's this unspoken competition going on with couples I have noticed lately. The "we're the perfect couple" competition (seriously, go on facebook and look and your couple-y friends photos). And I'm tired of it.

I feel like now that we're engaged other people are focused more closely on our relationship and who we are as a whole, whether we're compatible and whether or not we're gonna work out, if we fight and how happy we really are, I feel like we have to keep quiet about our imperfections for fear ppl will get "nervous" and unsupportive about us getting married. I feel like I look at other couples, comparing us to them; and they look SO giddy and perfect and sometimes I feel like we're supposed to look and act like that too, like there's something wrong with us if we don't. Of course I know that that's not what it's like behind closed doors. I had a friend who was madly in love, it was all she would talk about, they seemed like the perfect couple, they never had any issues and they clicked like they were made for each other...and then one day after 2 years together, out of the blue she called me crying to tell me they broke up, she wouldn't tell me why...24 hours later they were back together and now they 're married. When she called I was in shock, there had NEVER been any indication that there were issues. Are we supposed to be that couple? The couple where no one saw it coming when it ended? Or can we please be more real about it?

I know it's no ones business what goes on behind closed doors in a relationship, but maybe we should reach out to other couples for more support.

The boy and I are real people, we fight, we argue, we yell, we're stubborn and pig headed, we're both egotistical and can't let things go; but we love each other. We are not perfect, by any means but we make it work because we're a couple, and we know that we're normal people and we make mistakes.

Why is it that other couples can't admit that? I understand not airing your dirty laundry to others but I think that we should be honest with one another more often, maybe if we did that, maybe if we showed support to other couples it would make it a lot easier to navigate through this really tough part of, relationships, marriage, being a partner and an imperfect human being. There should be more relationship support, we should admit as couples to one another more often that things are hard, that couples fight but that things will be ok and that there are ups and downs and people make it through alive. It might make us all fight a bit harder for what we have as opposed to giving up after feeling inadequate to those couples you know who put on a better show than you do.

I think as couples we're so afraid that people are going to judge us and our relationship that we're too afraid to not let it all hang out and be real with one another. I'm not one for throwing a martini in the boy's face at a bar but we should be more honest about things. Embrace our imperfections as people and own up to reality. So I'm here to say the boy and I fight, we have our ups and downs, our good days and our bad days, and it doesn't get any easier but to move forward we must embrace our imperfections and support each other in order to maintain balance and grow. We should do that for other couples as all we have to do is get them to admit they aren't perfect first.