Monday, August 16, 2010

To shoot or not to shoot...

I've been spending quite a lot of time lately looking for a photographer for the wedding. I have a pretty specific idea of what I'm looking for...more photojournalism and less posey posey shots (I hate those). But it's hard to find a great photographer that doesn't cost a million bucks...but then I did! And I really like them! And I'm excited now!

They usually provide a wedding album with the package but I figured we would never look at the thing so she said she would change it out for an engagement session instead, which is what I had wanted (yay). But then I talk to the boy and he'd rather have the album, saying that the engagement session pics will never be looked at again while the wedding album is something we will want to have later.

So now I don't know. Is he right? Will we never look at the engagement photos once we get married? But we have no pictures of us as a couple where we don't look like drunks or idiots, I'd like some shots of us before the wedding...

Did you do an engagement shoot? Was it worth it, or did you never look at the photos afterward?


  1. I haven't received our official wedding photos from or photographer yet, so my advice is coming a little premature.* BUT, I kinda hate a million wedding photos displayed all over peoples' homes. It can be obnoxious. If you have engagement shots, you can break up the wedding porn with some photos of you two, looking like you!

    I say, get the engagement shots! You can always make a book later!

    *Check back with me in a few weeks... I'll prolly be wallpapering our house with wedding photos! Ha!

  2. yes get the engagement shots and maybe the album too. you can get the engagement shots and then put together your own album for less $. i really wish i had better shots of me and my bf that weren't at some club or party with a drink in each hand, lol.

  3. I think engagement shoots are a great idea. Unlike a lot of wedding photos you can be totally playful and fun and not worry so much about what your gran/ you in 40 years will think. And you can always save up for an album...

  4. i did the engagement shoot and loved it. i think it's really important to have pictures of you as a couple w/o being embarrassed to show grandma :) however, i do kinda agree that when it comes to an actual album, you'll probably want this for your wedding. We had a lot of friends and family who couldn't make it and wanted to see it and then the friends that DID go wanted to relive the memories. and, i know that i love looking through my parents' wedding album now. but really, as you know, it's totally up to you!