Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall Has Begun

Fall has officially begun, and if you step outside in the morning you can tell. There is a crispness in the air that wasn't there so little as a week ago. I love this season, it's a preview for the holidays, which is my favorite time of year. The falling leaves, hot chocolate, warm cozy evenings, sweaters and boots, and delicious food.
I just returned from a trip to Kansas City, and while there, I visited a fantastic street market full of delicious produce, and all sorts of beautiful things to look at. It was a perfect outing with great inspiration for fall cooking.

Look at the gorgeous color!

These spices were so intoxicating, from the moment we walked into the market.

It was only $1.00 a scoop! Farmer's Markets are a great savings, if you have a good one close to you, a lot of times the produce is of better quality anyway. And, you can't go wrong to support locally.

There was a parrot rescue, a bit screechy, but pretty nonetheless.

And all sorts of extra homemade goodies, including shower scrubs, one of which I'm going to add a recipe for in a bit.

Have a wonderful day.

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