Monday, April 5, 2010

Rain Rain Please for the Love of God, Go Away.

It has been in the mid seventies for the last two weeks, I pretty much didn't come inside the entire time; and then on Wednesday it started pouring again and it's not supposed to stop until tomorrow. It's like torture when you're given a glimpse into how lovely the weather can be after so many months of gray only to be sent right back in the house to hide out until the clouds move over again.

I'm so glad it's spring and when I see everything slowly coming back to life again it makes me very excited. I looked up the other day and all the sudden the trees have little green leaves, all my vegetable seeds are starting to sprout and the flowers are starting to peak out at me. Spring is beginning...finally.


  1. we had a good old fashioned Midwest torrential downfall last night, which I have to say I very much liked... but now it's sunny again, and I'm quite, quite happy about that... isn't Spring grand?

  2. I'm just thankful it's rain and not snow!