Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bah humbug I suppose

It's been a while folks, I got back from Carmel on Tuesday, but had such a hard time getting back into the swing of things. Now we're all moving on to Christmas. Sigh. I LOVE Christmas time, it's my favorite time of year, but I'm moving slowly this year and I don't know why. Decorating the tree, and the house is one of my most favorite things to do around this time and I don't even have a tree yet. I'm on it though, we're getting one this weekend.

There are some people in my family that are so easy to shop for, I could pick out a million things I know that they will like, but there are those certain pesky family members ( dad) who have EVERYTHING and if they don't already have it, I can't afford it. I never know what to get them, and then the things I do end up buying are opened on Christmas morning, never to be seen again.

Real Simple always has an interesting article this time of year in their holiday edition of unusual gifts for everyone in the family. However, all of the things in there are soooooo dull. The only ones that stood out? Pierogis you have shipped in, and a clambake in a bucket featuring a real live lobster for $ no. They do have a gift idea application you can get for free for you iPhone users though, it's worth looking into. I'm thinking this is going to be a homemade Christmas. I'm working on a few special knitting projects for the sisters, and I think I'm going to bake up some special treats for a few family members and friends. I feel like I may be taking on A LOT more than I can chew (pun intended) but I am feeling up to it. And maybe this will be a lesson learned since my movement into the cooking world is a very recent one.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I will soon start to add recipe ideas to give away as gifts for those annoying people who are impossible to shop for. Everyone likes food, especially fancy homemade food that tastes good. It seems like a win win!

I guess what it all comes down to is I love Christmas so very much, but I feel like it's coming up so fast and I've barely had time to process Thanksgiving being over and it now being December much less Christmas day being 23 days from now. Where did the time go?


  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog!

    Oh my goodness, SMALL world. I was just in Carmel too! Well driving through from Sacramento back to LA. I loved that cute little town, I can only dream of owning one of those lovely cottages by the scenic drive.

    My Dad was always the hardest to shop for too, he seemed to have everything and anything he did not have but wanted I could never afford. LOL.

    Stop by again soon!

  2. You know what helped our family with the gift buying? We now draw out of a hat and only buy for 2 people. So each person gets 2 gifts, and we only have to buy 2 gifts. Saves so much money!