Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Thanksgiving and its inspiration

My family is fortunate enough to have a ranch house in the family that is up in Mendocino county, up in the forest, where we spend a lot of holidays. This Thanksgiving we decided to go up there. It's really out of the way, and once you're up there, when it's as cold outside as it is, there isn't a ton to do except stay inside and keep warm telling stories with family, and eating...there's always a lot of eating.

I took along that yellow yarn I bought in San Luis Obispo to knit on the drive and to entertain me while I was up there, and I was done with it the first day we were there. It didn't turn out quite like a beret, but more like a slouchy hat, and I love it, and so did everyone else, the boy even wants one in grey. Since I decided most of this year's gifts would be homemade I started knitting a bunch of gifts for family members, and now I've gone knitting mad. I finished a cowl scarf, very similar to this one here for my sister along with a hat, and a little hat for the baby sister (she's 5) to match ours so she doesn't feel left out...its in pink of course, she won't wear it otherwise. And now I have friends asking for me to knit scarves as gifts for their friends. It appears that people really like what I'm doing, and that's good, it gives me something to do, with purpose.

I found the cutest knitting store here where I live, went in yesterday and left with a bunch of friends and an invitation to their knitting circle on tuesdays, and I just might go.

I took a bunch of pictures on a walk down to the creek behind the house, when my sister and I just couldn't bear sitting in the house telling stories for much longer.


  1. Nice job on those hats! You guys are so lucky to have that ranch house for family getaways! xoxo

  2. Oh my just found your blog.... lovely!!! My mom lives in Sacramento... you should try Ginger Elizabeth if you want great chocolate and check out Sutter Creek if you are in for an adventure!!! Happy Blogging!! xo

  3. Hi sweet lady -
    Hope you're having a whimsical week, thus far. Thank you for stopping by GirlWhimsy. Your comments always make me smile. And, congrats on your blog award - you deserve it!

  4. Caroline, I used to walk by Ginger Elizabeth almost every day! I lived like 4 blocks from there. I love midtown, it's the greatest. I don't know much about Sutter Creek, fill me in!