Thursday, October 8, 2009


Go look at these pictures from Chennergy Weddings blog, the emotions in these shots are so deep some of them actually made me cry. And I'm not really into the schmaltz people. This is big.

Dearest Sarah and Dan from Chennergy Weddings, you people are good. Real good.

Photo by Eric Mack via flickr


  1. Hi Cinnamon -
    I hope your day finds you doin' fine and dandy! Thank you for stopping by GirlWhimsy today, girl! I have now added you to my "whimsical blog love" list. P.S., that lovely wedding dress I featured that you commented on is an Oscar de la Renta - isn't it FAB!

  2. It was seriously fantastic. He always makes such pretty dresses. Thanks for adding me!

  3. They are amazing! And I don't do "schmaltz" so much either.