Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wild Things

I've been reading all of the reviews for "Where the Wild Things are," and so far its looking good. I'm planning on going to see it, I'm actually really looking forward to it, but in reality, I never really liked the book when I was a kid all that much. The entire story only has ten sentences (I know because I bought it for my little sisters 5th birthday as a gift yesterday) and in reality it wasn't that incredible.But for some reason, I still find the desire to go grasp on to a little bit of my history, a moment to take me back in time to elementary school and sitting on the floor during story time while Mrs. Kennedy read us all of these life changing tales (The Hungry Caterpillar, The Polar Express, The Giving Tree and all the other children books of genius out there). I want to go back to my childhood just for a bit, even if the story itself wasn't as moving as I'm feeling or hearing the movie might be for some.

But what is it really? What is it about this book in particular, this book about adventure and dreaming and make believe that has all of us twenty somethings rushing off to the theater to see ten sentences turned into 2 hours? Maybe its the sad fact that nowadays kids live in a world where those things are fleeting, and we want to hold on to all the beautiful memories of our childhoods, where even mine, which wasn't too long ago, was much more innocent than now. I honestly don't know, but I do know I'll be sitting right next to them wondering what the magic is all about the entire time.

Anyone seen the movie or plan to see it, thoughts?


  1. TOTALLY want to see this!!! I think it will be a visualize feast (like the book) and a little trip down memory lane...

  2. i had been really curious as well - how they would stretch that book into a 1.5 hour movie. but they did it and it just works.
    someone told me they read an interview with the creator spike jones and he said he wanted to make a movie about childhood -not a movie for children. and thats exactly what it is.
    not sure how to describe it - but i think youll like it:)