Friday, October 9, 2009

When you're tired you take a Napa, you don't move to Napa

Going to Napa and St. Helena for the weekend. Should be fun. Gonna attempt to do this business on a budget, we'll see how that works.

Napa is notoriously expensive, and I'm gonna try to come out the other side victorious, with money still in my wallet. This is particularly important seeing as one of us just lost their job in biotech (mainly that would be me); but that's not gonna stop me from going out and having a good time and playing with our fancy camera (well mainly that would be his).

I'm not the kind to stay holed up inside and watch tv all day, I'd lose my sh*t. So here's to wine, picnics, and more wine on the cheap, hope I can do it. Any suggestions? I'm sure I'll come back with some good tips. Have a great weekend, have any fun plans?

Photo by Lightchaser via Flickr


  1. i have friends in napa this weekend! i was getting very jealous as they made plans - it sounds great! I hope its a good weekend

  2. I love that SATC quote!! I hope you had fun!