Tuesday, November 10, 2009

She wore a Rasberry Beret

I learned to knit when I first started college, and liked that I could turn my mind off from all the stresses of school and work but still be productive. Of course, once school really set in, the demands of being a science major took precedence and knitting was shipped off and shoved under my bed.

But I recently started again. I wanted to start knitting for charity, to knit for cancer patients who need to keep warm, but I could only make scarves and what they really need is hats. So I've taught myself how to make a hat (thanks Youtube) and have slowly begun to make my way through knitting one. None of my hats so far have been much of an accomplishment at this point and I look at them more as practice; I'm not giving someone who's battling cancer a shoddy hat. So I have started to make scarves again for now; to teach myself different knitting patterns and then back to hats I will go.

When I was in San Luis Obispo the other weekend I went to this really cute store that had a bunch of awesome scarves but they were kind of expensive for something that looked like I could make it. So off to the closest knitting store I went, which just so happened to be around the corner and bought a bunch of beautiful locally hand dyed yarn. I've had a lot of fun going on websites and finding patterns or watching videos on how to knit certain stitches. And I made a pretty scarf with the green yarn I found there, which I love.

I'm thinking after I finish the scarf I'm making now, I'm going to try to make a hat, with some yellow yarn I got, not just any hat but a beret, meaning I'm going to have to add extra stitches as I go out, I think? It looks hard, but I figured if I could knit that, I could knit a hundred hats for charity (though lets not get ahead of ourselves).

I really want to do this, I always feel like I have really good intentions with projects like this but then life gets in the way and I have a bunch of half assed, half finished things lying around reminding me that I failed them.

Anyone have any suggestions or pattern ideas for a beret?

Here's hoping I keep up with this project, and here's to the yellow beret, though if Prince would have it, it would be Rasberry colored...good song.


  1. Oh wow! How funny we both did posts on knitting. I love that you ALSO learned off YouTube!! Now I feel like I should too. My bf hasn't made any hats yet, but I know he wants to. Giving your hats to cancer patients is a beautiful idea :)

  2. im jealous you know how to knit! cant wait to see what you come up with