Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bigger Love

Big Love season 4 premiered recently, and I just finished season 3 last night. I'm looking forward to seeing what's happened to the family since last season. This show has sucked me in. I thought it was kind of boring at first but season 3 was really dramatic and interesting. Jezebel.com did a cliffs notes style coverage of season 4's premier and it looks pretty good. You can read about it here.

The characters are so complicated and I really enjoy seeing how the women grow as the seasons progress. I have to admit the Mormon religion baffles me with all of the terms and traditions that it throws me off a little bit, it gets a bit confusing and tiresome.

I just started reading a a book called, Under the Banner of Heaven by John Krakauer (the same guy that wrote Into the Wild) about the murders of a Mormon woman and her baby in Utah in 1984 by 2 Mormon fundamentalists, the Lafferty brothers. The book follows the fundamentalist part of the Mormon religion and explores the world of religious fanatics. It's been an interesting and educational read so far.

Are there any other Big Love fans out there? I can't explain why I like the show very well. I think I'm intrigued by things I don't understand well, especially concepts I have a hard time processing, like Polygamy. It's a lifestyle I have a very hard time wrapping my mind around. I'm also intrigued by relationships between people and this show definitely explores relationships and how they develop. I find it interesting how repulsive I find polygamy and the expectations for women to completely submit to men, yet the relationships between Bill the husband and his 3 wives is tolerable and even loving in a very loose sense of the word.


  1. Ya know, I never really got into this show. I watched it a few times and it was great, but I didn't get hooked for some reason. Polygamy is a very creepy concept for me. I am, however, big into Dexter, Mad Men, and my favorite, Breaking Bad! :)

  2. I LOVE Breaking Bad!! And Mad Men is one of my very favorites. I watched Dexters first season but couldn't get into the second. I'm with you on Polygamy, the book I'm reading has parts that make me totally want to barf.

  3. I love Big Love! The premier was incredible.. so much going on!