Friday, January 8, 2010

sweet tunes

When I look back on 2009, there weren't that many albums that truly knocked my socks off. However, there were a few that made those bumpy roads of the past year just a little bit easier to tolerate.

My favorite band of all time came out with a new album and I do have to say that people either loved it or hated it. I LOVED it. I think it was one of their best yet. The Decemberists album, The Hazards of Love had some of the most epic ballads, deep tunes and thought provoking lyrics I have heard yet. They only get better and this album was no exception. It's almost like a rock opera with every song blending in to the next, it never pauses. It has recurring themes and tunes and is musically narrated by different characters throughout the entire thing from beginning to end. I couldn't tear myself away for fear I would miss something. The Decemberists really took a risk making such an epic concept album, but this one is not to be missed.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs made an album this last year called It's Blitz! Many of their albums I find that I like a lot of the songs but there are always a few I could do without. Every song on this album was good. It's just an overall fun album to listen to in the car or dance to at home. It's upbeat techno vibe is a bit out of step with what I'm used to from this band but I found it refreshing and it was an album I kept putting in the player over and over.

The Fruit Bats were a band I discovered early in the year on a program I listen to online and after buying one of their first albums I bought the new one, Ruminant Band. This band is consistent with their indie pop/folk music, meaning its good through and through. They embrace a true 60's beat, a quality music without being overdone. It's a mellow uncomplicated album and definitely worth a listen for it's catchy head bobbing, toe tapping tunes.

Lily Allen's newest album It's Not Me its You was maybe one of the most adorable albums I have heard it a long time. Her heartfelt lyrics blended with catchy beats and tunes made it an addiction I wasn't ashamed of. This girl comes across with a sweet voice and hits you with a trash mouth. But I could listen to her album and feel like she was singing a song just about me. Every song on the album is good and brightens your mood without you even noticing. I heard recently that she announced she's leaving music for good. Say it aint so Lily, cause if you can do better than this I sure would like to hear it.

So these were the things that made 2009 just a wee bit easier. I can't wait to see what 2010 brings.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. I'm off to pilates.


  1. I really adored Lily Allen's new album, so many of the songs are catchy and fun to sing along to.

    Thank you for stopping by! ^_^

  2. That is too bad about Lily Allen leaving music...she's a talent. Although, a lot of people say they're going to quit the industry and always come back (JayZ for example). If music is in your heart, you cannot get rid of it.

  3. Love, Love the Decemberists! Hope you had the loveliest weekend! XO!