Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fashion trends

So 2009 had some good and some very bad fashion trends. Some I found I loved and wear now all the time and some I would rather die than be caught dead in. I broke it down according to my taste, and let me say, if you can pull off the ones I find bad, then girl you're awesome cause it means you look like Kate Moss, and that's epic in my book.

I however, do not look like Kate Moss.

The BAD of 2009:

Over the Knee boots

These are so 80's, like up there with acid wash jeans and shoulder pads (I'll get to those in a second) and unless you have legs that are about 6 feet long and with about as much shape as stilts you should not wear these. Real girls have thighs, these only make them look bigger. That is not a good thing.

Shoulder Pads are back, and not in a good way (as if they were ever good)
This look is only for women who are a sack of bones and want to look wider without eating, or for women who wish they had been on Dynasty and may actually think they still are.

I mean, do you really want to look like this?

But now on to my favorite trends of 2009:

From top to bottom...

Heidi braids were in. I love me some braids. I think it's my inner hippy coming out. They make any look just a little more put together and add something a bit more interesting to a regular updo. I wear braids in my hair all the time and I like how they look.

Boyfriend blazers were in, also an 80's trend but this one is in a good way.

They're a good length on anyone and you could buy one just about anywhere. I got my black velvet boyfriend blazer at a vintage store for $12 and I wear it pretty much everyday. It's adds a lot of character to a tshirt and jeans outfit, the California girls uniform.

The boyfriend jean was also in. This picture from The Sartorialist is a perfect example of how cute they can look without being overdone. Nothing is wrong with a comfortable pair of jeans that also double as stylish and hip.

Ruffles and Romance were big in 2009. It was all about the details, bows, brooches, textured fabrics, big and dramatic without being over the top. I love that you can pull an outfit together and take it to the next level by adding the special details. A little sparkle or a ruffle or two do just the trick.

Chunky knits were also big this last year and into 2010, something I find perfectly appropriate. Drama and warmth all in one, and in bright colors even better.

Oxfords were really huge in 2009. Something I got really excited about. I got these metallic pretties from Urban Outfitters and I wear them all the time. They snazz up my outfits and make a statement without breaking my toes or the bank! Yay! We all win.

Tomorrow, my favorite albums of 2009. Have a lovely evening.


  1. im so with you on every trend! well except shoulder pads - i may have purchased a vintage blazer that had little something in the shoulders haha

  2. Boyfriend jeans took me a while, but I came around-BIG time. When done right they can be so cute! Also love love love the ruffles! XO!