Tuesday, January 5, 2010


This week I'm doing all of my favorite discoveries of 2009. I saw a lot of movies this year and there were a lot of good ones but I am picky about what I call my favorite of anything. Movies are one thing I am most critical of, it's hard to get a good review from me when it comes to film. These are the movies that made it through with flying colors and films I would watch over and over again, and just kept me thinking.

500 Days of Summer:

I went to see this just because Zooey Deschanel was in it and it moved me to tears by the end. I know it wasn't supposed to but its honest portrayal of relationships and love without being cheesy made it worth seeing. I hate movies where everything always works out perfectly in the end, real life doesn't work that way, and this is a movie for people who like me like movies about believable situations. It's quirky, funny, the characters are lovable and the entire thing is all around adorable. If you're the 2 people out there who havent seen it yet, go do so.

The Reader: This movie barely squeaks by as a film for 2009 coming out last january but it is so good I had to mention it. I went to this movie having no idea what it was about and I wasn't expecting much; I left speechless. Kate Winslet does an incredible job as her character. The film starts out a little unusual and makes you nervous about the story line and where it might be headed but by the end you have an entirely new outlook on who these people are. We've all seen a million movies about Nazis but this one looks at a side of the story with its characters that you aren't used to and really gets you thinking by the time you leave the theater.

Away We Go:

I recently saw this movie after having refused to see it in theaters with the boy, I don't know why, maybe I knew somehow that I would want to save this cause it would be so good. Kind of like saving the best candy for last, cause you know you'll go out on a good note. This movie explores the relationship of 2 people about to have a baby and follows them around the US and Canada as they try to find a good place to raise their child. The characters are so lovable, and I couldn't get enough of their love for one another. It explores different types of families, their relationships with one another and different towns throughout the film and by the end you just feel good. These people aren't perfect but you can't help but love them. I still have this movie sitting in my living room, cause I can't bear to part with it.


Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon do the most incredible job in this film. I couldn't stop smiling th entire time I watched it. This movie is about brave people who are willing to cross barriers and end up making history. It's a feel good movie without being cheesy and if you like rugby like I do (Go New Zealand All Blacks!) it only makes it better. I just have to say even my mom who is a kiwi herself didn't mind the end when South Africa beats New Zealand, it was that good. Go see it.

So there you have it, my favorites from 2009. What are yours?


  1. A never saw Away We Go or The Reader. Now I feel like I'm really missing something! I must watch these soon! Happy 2010! I hope it's off to a wonderful start for you! XO!

  2. ooo im so with you on the first two! (I havent seen the rest haha) can i throw the hangover on my list - not exactly quality, but points for hilariousness:)

  3. The hangover is funny just for the baby with the sunglasses on and Allen holding him in the baby bjorn (that character totally reminds me of one of my best guy friends btw). For comedy I also loved, I Love You Man, it's hilarious.