Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bummer Man


It's a sad day for me. My most favorite chocolate in all the world, Cadburys (not just those sticky frosting eggs you yankees) has been bought out by United States Kraft foods. I've never been a Hersheys fan, I find most chocolate here in the states not so appealing even. Cadburys has always made my favorite candy bars and chocolate, there's just something different about the taste of it. I go to Cost Plus to buy my chocolate bars if I'm ever in the mood, and Cadbury's chocolate bar, Flake is my most favorite. There's a town in New Zealand when we go to visit family called Dunedin that has a Cadburys factory in it, and you can go buy bags full of their mess ups for a $1, and the town smells like chocolate when you drive by the factory. It's so lovely. I can only hope the quality stays the same, and I can only hope that Kraft can win back the Brits cause for now they're pretty pissed to say the least.


  1. uh im not even a brit and i was bummed to hear about this! im crossing my fingers nothing changes - otherwise ill boycott kraft for you over here:)

  2. noooo. this is terrible!! i go to speciality stops in NYC that only sell cadbury chocolate that is made in the UK. cadbury that is made in the US (by Kraft) tastes terrible. wow, what sad news...