Monday, March 1, 2010

Rapunzel Rapunzel Girl you gotta cut that hair

So I did it. I cut my hair. I haven't cut my hair in over 4 years. When I was in college I had a short bob so I could avoid having to style it every day and then when I graduated and became a poor struggling research scientist I decided to grow it out and never ended up going to get a cut...ever. It was long, probably the longest I've ever had it. Like this:

The hairdresser cut off almost 3 inches and its still long. Here was my inspiration:

I wanted lots of layers, like I told the boy, I wanted to get rid of my long hippy hair, I wanted less Jonie Mitchell and more Josie and the Pussycats. So after cutting, curling and styling I now look a bit like this:

Hah! This cracks me up. After spending years blow drying, coloring and straight ironing my hair almost everyday I gave up about a year ago with all heat products for my hair, it was destroying it. I was starting to look like a fuzzy tennis ball with how many frayed ends I had on my head it just wasn't looking healthy so I started letting my hair air dry and leaving the wavyness I have just stay there. But I'm liking the barrel curls that I had when I left the salon today, there was a bounce in my step, I felt like a 60's sexpot. The boy even walked in (having forgotten I got a hair cut) and went "Whoah, you look gorgeous. Your hair is so beautiful." So I'm gonna go with it; for now, it makes me feel good!

I was wondering for all of you lovely ladies out there that style your hair in the mornings, are there any recommendations you might have for the best hair rollers or curlers out there I can use to achieve large wavy voluminous hair that isn't going to cost me a ton of money to get? After embracing my long hippy hair I feel out of the loop of styling products for my new tresses. It was like living off the grid but only on my head.

I will post pictures of my hair at some point but after taking a nap and going on a bike ride it no longer lives up to my Farrah standards :)

Have a great day. xoxo


  1. LOVE your hair ;) i'm in full hippy just let it air dry mode right now but i'm going to cut soon! i better start paying attention!

  2. I cut my hair off before Christmas. Its shoulder length but still short from the way I had it before. I like it, but its a big step to cut it all off.

    My hair is naturally curly so I don't know much about curling irons, etc.