Tuesday, March 2, 2010

These boots are made for walking like a rock star

I have wanted a pair of ankle boots for about 3 fall seasons now and I never am able to find a pair that I really want. There's always something about each pair I'm not impressed with. I thought maybe my "need" for ankle boots would dissipate but it's still there. Then I found these:

Sam Edelman Zoe boots. I love them so much I might just puke. They're very clear knock offs of the Balenciaga boots from a few seasons ago; but I just don't care. These are rock and roll at its finest. These need to be mine.

Mary Kate has a pair of the Balenciaga boots, and I just love them. You will be mine boots.


  1. I love the shout out to MK .. always top on my list of style inspirations! And fake versions of designer shoes are a favorite indulgence ..

    xxo H

  2. I'm SOOO with you. I've been obsessing over these for a while. BUT i have to say i actually like the sam boots better! i like the proportions and the detail on the leather.
    so that makes like... one time that i ever like the cheaper option on something!

  3. I like the Sam ones better as well. I think they look a little less clunky because of the bit smaller platform. And I like the quilting detail on the side.

  4. They ARE so rock in roll. You're right too...can't compromise on the ankle boots. They have to be perfect. I have yet to find my perfect ones (in a perfect price range)! xo