Thursday, March 18, 2010

This is gonna get ugly

Ok, it's on. Our neighbors next door are this nice retired couple and they seem sweet except that they have taken it upon themselves to rescue every single homeless/stray cat in the neighborhood.

While I admire people who take in animals out of the kindness of their hearts, there are now cats EVERYWHERE! And now they have started peeing all over the front yard, porch and front door, and it smells like hell people. I was even leaving for the gym the other day and one walked right in front of the car, walked through the grass and peed right on the front door. Right in front of me!!

I researched what kinds of things I could do, my options:

Trap them: um, no...

Spray them with the hose every time they come in the yard: This requires me sitting out there for like a week so...that's out

Pour hot pepper flakes all over the front yard so that when they lick their paws it burns and then they wont come back: Um I'm not even sure I could fathom how many bottles of pepper flakes I would have to buy and besides I have a dog...she licks her paws too. Besides isn't this kind of mean?

Buy a chemical deterrant and spray it all over the yard: I did this and when I came home from dinner last night, there were 2 cats just chillin in the yard, rolling all over the grass where I sprayed the chemicals. So...

Buy types of plants they don't like: I went to Home Depot tuesday and bought Marigolds and Lavender, made a nice arrangement in the front yard planter box and I come out today and all the Marigolds are broken and lying on their sides from the cats walking through the plants and using it as a litter box!

So now I'm at a loss...

I have spent approximately $35 on items to rid our yard of feline harrassment to no avail.

I don't want to start a war with the neighbors, and they don't even let the cats inside, they all just sleep on beds on the porch so I'm not really sure what to do anymore. It's driving my Dog bananas and I'm almost there.


  1. To be honest, taking on an excessive amount of animals seems like a mild form of abuse. They cannot account for nor properly care for the excessive amount of cats, and it is causing property damage to you. Nip this in the bud- call a local shelter & make them aware of the problem, they may offer humane traps for you to set out that you can just call once a cat gets caught, or they may come remove the cats from the property themselves. Good luck!

  2. I think it can be cruel as well, I guess I'm just scared if I call on them that it's gonna cause hostility from them and then theyre will be real problems.

  3. Yup, anonomously call the SPCA. Besides, it's better for the cats if they go and get "tutored" also, they probably will get adopted out...

  4. I really hope you can get this situation resolved. Neighbour problems are the worst.

    Have a good weekend!

  5. I think you need to call the SPCA as well. This honestly cannot continue - they are literally ruining your yard & house and I agree that it's not fair to the animals either. I hope you get this resolved soon, Lady!

  6. Thanks everyone for your help! This is an awfully irritating issue!
    I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

  7. i REALLY think it's okay to say something to your neighbors...

    hope your weekend was fab!

  8. Hi Cinnamon,

    I agree with very married in that you should speak to your neighbors to find a mutually agreeable solution. They seem like very nice, soft~hearted souls who just want to help these little creatures. The problem is that, as you probably know, cats are very territorial and use urine to mark their claims. Obviously, your yard and porch have become their territory. If you have a fenced yard in the front perhaps your dog being outside would work to keep them away? Good luck!!

    P.S. I'm so excited for your herbs!!