Monday, July 19, 2010

Aaaaaand they're off!!!!

Did anyone know there's this secret race out there that no bride wants to talk about? The wedding race?

I haven't really been all that in to wedding venue searches, it never really was something I thought I needed to get on right away; especially since we aren't getting married for a year. And not to mention the fact that it's almost impossible to find a venue that is reasonable and cool all in one. One place I looked at had a pretty reasonable fee of $2500 for the garden and ballroom but then mentioned the $20,000 food and beverage minimum...baaaaaarf

I've been getting emails from girls who just got married saying things like, "Oh I bet you're in mega wedding planning mode by now right?! I know I sure was..." If you consider watching, Say Yes to the Dress over and over then sure.

Well the boy comes in the other night after visiting his recently engaged friend and proceeds to tell me we really need to get on the ball, they got engaged after we did and they already have a date and a venue for August 2011...gasp.

So then I get overwhelmed and start calling everyone in the book about venues, and you know what? A lot of places already have dates booked...FOR NEXT YEAR. I know this is all new to me and maybe some of you are saying, duh but that boggles my mind. I can't believe it. There's this wedding race going on and I'm not even out of the gates yet when other people have already made a few laps.

Any suggestions on ways to inquire about/internet sites for venues? So far I have 4 good prospects.

In other news, trust me, the girl that wears heels to the grocery store to have already found her dress before she found a venue. But trust me, it's so fab I'll even wear it to the courthouse if I have to, super long train and all.

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  1. I just researched the sh*t out of everything and made a shortlist of 5 places to look at.

    We booked our venue(s) almost 2 years out, but we are weirdos who have 2 weddings to organise and we couldn't afford not to get the date(s) we wanted.

    I think, the sooner you organise things the less stressful. There is less chance that someone else will already have booked the supplier you want, and there is less to do closer to the wedding :)

    You'll be fine though, a year is ages. I'd definitely start looking for a venue soon though.