Monday, July 26, 2010

Why wedding venues don't call you back

Has anyone else had this problem? I'm looking at renting a house to have the wedding and reception, and I'm seriously in love with the home. It would be perfect for what we want to do, relaxed and formal all in one place. Everyone loves the idea, the boy and both families really want this to work for us and the guy will. not. call. us. back.

After so many calls from different family members, multiple emails and even reviews on the rental website the guy is a no show. He's turned off his phone, makes excuses and asks you to call him back, and then the cherry on top, he butt dials us while he's driving in the car.

And now I'm heartbroken cause this was what I really wanted for our wedding.

This isn't the only place this has happened to us, and I'm starting to get annoyed. I'm going to give you $5000 to rent out your space and y'all poo poo it like it's nothing. And in this economy one would think you would be falling all over yourselves to book your venues and put some money in your pocket but ignoring the customer is not smart. This is BAD BUSINESS and I'm starting to lose my patience with the wedding industry.

Anyone else experience the no show wedding folk?


  1. All I can say (and probably not helpful) is that you found this out now rather than after you'd paid your deposit. It sucks that he sucks, but no matter how perfect the place is, it wouldn't seem perfect when you're trying to cll him the week before the wedding and he isn't answering.

  2. I agree with Miss C. Better to find out the owner is an asshole now, before they bang you for the entire deposit or something. Maybe he just doesn't want weddings there and is too big of a sissy to say it.

    I love the idea of renting a place, we just sent our deposit to a very pleasant and cooperative homeowner, after trying to contact many who weren't. Just keep trying, don't set your heart on anything- NONE of them are perfect!

    Truth be told, these owners probably aren't hurting for the money if they can hang onto their giant second (or third or forth)home in this shitty economy.

  3. Oh, this post answered my question. Do you have any neighbors or family friends who would be willing to host your wedding for free? :) xo