Thursday, July 29, 2010

I think we're moving backwards here, but I've lost track

Has anyone seen or heard about this? The California marriage protection act is a measure that John Marcott is trying to put on the November ballot trying to ban divorce in California.

I think his point is to make a statement that in regards to Prop 8, the proposition that passed in California banning gay marriage, that if we find marriage such a sacred act, that we should ban divorce considering that (according to Mr. Marcott) the 50% of marriages that fail in the country is making a mockery of marriage.

Agreed that the divorce rate is sort of sad Mr. Marcott but instead of making such an extreme political statement under the guise of satire, maybe we should be educating young men and women about the responsibilities of marriage, and make marriage more about succeeding in a relationship and finding a partner you can spend your life with and less about the wedding and all the fun and pretty things? Maybe we should embrace the responsibilities educating those ready to marry 20 somethings and remind people more often about what they are taking on before they unknowingly jump into something they may regret later?

In this country the wedding is the supposed pinnacle of a relationship, so how can you expect a marriage to succeed if according to the wedding industry and the fairy tale stories it's the best day of your life? That might suggest it's all downhill from there, meaning it's no surprise that a lot of marriages end in divorce.

I get what you're going for here, and while some may snicker, and some may choke at your arguments and your desire to get this measure on the ballot, I just want to tell you I'm sad that instead of focusing on the real problem here, of not encouraging men and women to make real responsible choices in their relationships and their personal lives (married, single, gay, straight) you're just pissing a lot of people off and graying the issue further.

Your thoughts? Do you get what he's saying and find it funny? Or are you kind of wanting to can probably guess where I lie on the issue.

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  1. Hmmmmmm.

    I think his heart is in the right place, but proposing to take choice away from people in another way is just as stupid.