Monday, July 12, 2010

So doc...

Pre-marital counseling...

Thoughts? Know anything about it?

Ever done it?

Wish that you had?

We're thinking about it, I don't see anything wrong with it, I think wanting to get started on the right foot before marriage is a good thing non? But there's this stigma somewhat associated with couples counseling.


  1. We did it and a lot of it was useless but there were things about it that were useful. We lived together before we got married so I feel like we had already worked through a lot of the things they went over prior to.

  2. We're definitely going to do it.

    I see pre-marital counselling differently to other couples counselling. It isn't like it is a regular thing, it just ensures that you have thought to talk about all the things you should talk about before you make the commitment.

  3. For us it was can read what I learned here:

    but these are some great books to go through regardless:

  4. DO IT! It's the best thing Hal and I have done together and we're not even engaged ;) Sometimes, you just need a third party to hear you out. xo