Saturday, November 7, 2009


It's official, I love this man. He's so bad on the show, but so good on the eyes. I can't help it, it almost hurts.

The show is incredible, I am in love with all things retro and this show is just for me. The clothes, the furniture, the clothes. Too much.

I love the suits, on the men, simple and understated, with the skinny tie is very handsome; and now Brooks Brothers is making a Mad Men suit. Too bad it's only one suit, it's grey, and its absurdly priced; but still, at least the idea is there.

John Hamm is still all sorts of goodness.


  1. This show is the best. I want to be a Joan, but I think I'm a Betty :)

  2. I LOVE Joan, think she's the balance between a the beginnings of a modern woman and a classy lady. She's got the fire, but she knows how to control it. Something I have a problem with :)

  3. I love how Don's hair flops down when it gets mussed. Sex-ay.