Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Weekend Shenanigans

I have a serious bone to pick with NASA, the boy and I sat outside last night freezing to death to watch the meteor shower, and not a thing. I have never seen a meteor shower in all my life, and this was my fourth solid attempt at viewing one without success. I would really like to see one, NASA stop pulling my leg, please?

For the past few weeks when I drive home from the gym I have noticed a huge persimmon tree right on the side of the I-5, completely burdened with the weight of unused and unappreciated persimmons. Feeling that this was a waste I finally convinced the boy over the weekend (who isn't huge on taking things that don't rightfully belong to him) to grab a bag and help me pick a bunch.

We pulled over on the side of one of the busiest major freeways of the West Coast, ran up the shoulder, charged the embankment of the huge ditch, up the other side knee deep in dirt and weeds at this point and start pulling bunches of persimmons off the tree.

Having finally gotten to the tree I realized it was on someones fence line, but after committing, I didn't think they would notice a few missing off a tree completely covered in them! We pulled off as many as we thought we could without being obvious, and since we were right in the viewing field of every trucker, commuter and road tripping folk in the greater Northern California region we stopped and ran back to the car.

But I got at least 15 good ones, and I'm just waiting til they ripen to use them in a recipe. In the meantime, I found this pretty hammered silver bowl over the weekend and put them in it as a table arrangement for now. I'll put up the recipe when I finally get to working with these pretty persimmons. I'm half thinking I should go back to get more...is that so bad?

Have a beautiful day.


  1. This sounds like something I would do. Love your story. And they are beautiful, even if not eaten!! :)

  2. theres always good meteor showers around aug 12 - put it on your calendar for next year!