Thursday, November 19, 2009

This is Fierce


Tonight is the Project Runway season finale!! I LOVE this show. And today, they're having a project runway marathon (will I ever get anything done?!!). This is Fierce.

I love me some Tim Gunn, big gay man crush on Tim Gunn, and would anyone look good in that pink suit other than Heidi Klum? Please.

My very favorite of all seasons was Laura Bennett. I think she's what every woman should be. She was successful, put together all the time, calm, cool, collected and even though she was the mother of 4 boys (ugh) she always looked fabulous and that things were always under control. I like that she could be a mom and still embrace who she was as a woman (that's a hard thing for a lot of women to maintain when they get married and have babies...something that makes me furious). Her entire persona took effort, and it showed; I don't like laziness.

I can't believe she didn't win, all of her clothes were deliciously tailored and represented total luxury with the fabrics she chose.


Christian Siriano was pretty fab. He's such a diva, and he made clothes with flair, and style. So pretty and all drama.

Okay, so Kenley was a total whiney beast, but she made cute clothes. And I loved all her feathers. Cute stuff. Vintage chic.

Leanne Marshall made cute clothes. Period. Pretty and put together beautifully.

Fun times! Can't wait to see who wins tonight.


  1. Oooh, I can't wait either! Except I'm a bit behind. I have to watch the Tivo'd version so don't give away the winner tomorrow! ;)

  2. ooo i love christian!
    i recorded the finale - cant wait to watch it!