Monday, February 1, 2010


I didn't watch the grammys last night, I was at a bounce house birthday party for my friend who turned 31. I felt a room full of trampolines and bouncing around with my friends was far more interesting than sitting at home watching tv when I could catch up on it the next day (thank you internet).

I'm not surprised by much that happened, all the winners were not shocking and the performances were to be expected. Lady Gaga was over the top as usual, nothing we haven't seen before. I'd be more shocked if she were just sitting at a piano in an outfit where I didn't feel like I was getting a peek and little baby gaga in her teeny tiny coochie covering leotards.

Something I found amazing though was the performance by Pink. Her act was incredible and left me breathless. I watched it over and over amazed by her ability to hold a microphone, sing and do acrobatics at the same time without falling out of the sky. She did a fantastic and beautiful job. It wasn't something I would have expected from her and it was the one performance from the night I will actually remember.


  1. I missed them too! Great pics! heard a lot about how great Pink's performance was, must see! Have a sweet day!

  2. I watched them...kind of boring this year. I did like the MJ tribute and Maxwell's song :) Pink was pretty darn cool...wish I could have been up there spinning around and singing!!

    And thank you again for your encouraging support on my blog yesterday. It means so much to me :) xoxo

  3. Pink is an incredible performer! It blew my mind.