Thursday, February 4, 2010

Kell on Earth

Has anyone watched Kell on Earth? Kelly Cutrone's new show? Like the Kelly Cutrone from PR and fashion firm People's Revolution, you probably know her if you watched The
Hills, ya know before it went from bad to I'm gonna tear my hair out and eat it if I have to watch these people anymore...

It's good, well more like she's good. I kind of love her. She's a straight up, balls out, take no prisoners, tell you like it is and not care, mega super awesome female. I want to hug her for being so fearless about everything, not afraid to do what she wants or look how she wants and balance the constant demands of being a single mom, and powerhouse without complaining (If she probably didn't hit me for trying to touch her).

It's on Bravo Mondays at 10 (for you West Coasters, holler.)

She's famous for being so quotable, favorite so far? "I didn't think it would be such a big deal (on letting Ashley Dupre, call girl famous for former NY Gov. Spitzer controversy, crash a fashion show) I mean half of the people sitting in the front row are sleeping with men for money, they just might be called their wives."

The interesting thing is, I made the boy watch it and he asked if she was a lesbian...I think it's interesting that a strong minded, brave, hardcore woman, who knows what she wants, and doesn't care what she looks like to others can't also be assumed to be a heterosexual woman. She has to be a lesbian right? Because of course if she isn't wearing a pretty dress, or carrying a baby on her hip, or painting her nails she must be a lesbian.

It's not the boys fault, this is very typical of society that we assume such things. I'll honestly say I've done the same things, we all do. But here's this, I'd rather be able to wear jeans with holes in them, have a tattoo, drink a beer, not painted my nails for years and wrestle with the best of them and be assumed to be a lesbian than how things used to be for women (I'm not sure I could do a corset, it looks awfully uncomfortable).

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  1. I have not seen this show yet, but do remember her from The Hills. I loved when she told off Spencer's little sis. So hilarious.