Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Call Me Confused

I know this is old news but I've been thinking about the misconceptions women have about men and their thoughts on women. I've spent my whole life under the impression that men are attracted to well...this:

The overly busty blonde female, with not an ounce of meat on her, who looks like she'd do just about anything to please you, include not think or talk about anything...ever.

I think we could all agree that most women think of this type of woman when asked what they think men are generally attracted to, right? Women all over the world spend thousands of dollars trying to look like this woman. Blonde hair dye, no meals, tanning beds, teeth whitening, body scultping, botox, silicon implants, nose jobs, name it, we've done it.

But now it comes out that in Esquire magazine Christina Hendricks of Mad Men fame is voted the sexiest woman alive...wait...what?! My brain and all its well honed opinions just came to a screeching halt.

This woman has curves! I mean like a real woman's body! She has hips, and real breasts, and bright red hair, and pale skin and gasp, a personality! She probably even eats! She's a thinking woman's woman!

I'm confused. She is nothing, I repeat NOTHING like the woman I think we all envision when thinking about what men are supposedly attracted to. Does this throw anyone else for a loop? Or is it just me? Is anyone else surprised by these results and the obvious answer that we have men all grouped under these general shallow labels that they cannot get out from under?

I mean seriously. Wow.

God bless you Christina Hendricks and your real God given hips and beautiful ginger hair. I love you.


  1. I'm not surprised, really. When my guy says sweet things about me, it is usually my big mouth and strong opinions and curves he praises. My mom and dad, and I don't know exactly when- but somewhere along the way, conveyed to me what makes women special to a man. Confidence, an education, taking care of whatever "looks" you've been given, not expecting someone else to support you financially, on & on.

    So no, when we're sitting in the living room and watching the soup, and Heidi comes on... we totally make fun of her.

    I don't wonder why she thought filling her body with silicone and botox would make up for her lack of intelligence, originality, and confidence. I know why. She got caught up in girls judging girls. Isn't that who we dress up for half the time? Guys don't care all that much- its the girls.

    But, I do totally get what you're saying.

    & to wrap up an abnormally long comment- I've said it once, I'll say it again, I do get a little offended about the big boobs blonde hair stereotype :/ but it is what it is.

  2. I love you too Christina!! She is my man's dream girl. Funny, considering I look nothing like her. Well, except the pale skin :) xo

  3. Wow! Finally someone real! Thanks for the post. It definitely makes a girl whose not a stick feel good.

  4. I am not surprised that men would rather date/marry a woman like Christina, but in terms of voting for sexiest woman alive, this is a big surprise. Usually I'd think men would separate "sexiest" from "one they'd most like to be with." I guess I was wrong!

  5. I think that's so interesting that there's a difference between "sexiest" and "woman they would most like to be with." I agree with you that there are differences between the 2 for men, I've gotten that idea straight from my guy friends. Don't men want the woman they want to be with to be sexy? And what determines whether a woman is the sexy one or the one they want to be with?

    I don't think you're wrong Karisa, but I think this Christina Hendricks thing throws a wrench in the whole thing for sure!

  6. Hey Shannon, why is Christina your bf's dream girl? I'd like to know what it is about her specifically that men find attractive. I feel like my eyes have completely opened about what men find sexy and I'm just learning a whole new lesson.

  7. You know, I saw a study not too long ago that examined what men are REALLY attracted to. Survey says: Curves. And in my experience, men tire quickly of the no brain women and end up with partners who keep them on their toes. Poor Heidi. I get the feeling she is reeeaaally going to regret this one day.

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  8. Oh! Yes! I was going to blog about this this week, please don't hate me for copying you!
    My BF and I LOVE her. He finds her so stupidly sexy, it's almost making me want to die my hair red again. I happen to have a bottom that's comparable to hers, which I've always celebrated and luckily my Sir appreciates. And I wouldn't call Hendricks a *real* woman perse - I mean, really, you don't see THAT many woman on the street with that bust to waist to hip ratio - but yes, it's super refreshing to see a more realistic woman rather than those leather people.