Monday, May 17, 2010

I might just barf...or wear a hat to the premier

Sex and the City 2...the movie...

Is anyone as embarrassed as I am by the plot and completely ridiculous, cliche ridden, over the top nature of this movie?

And is anyone equally as embarrassed as I am that they will see it opening night?

I'm hoping for some redeeming factor, and a measly little scrap like looks something like the tv show and if not? I go for the clothes my friends.



  1. yeaaah, when i first saw the preview, I thought, "oh.. dear..." I'm not a big-time follower as it were, but enjoy an episode here and there, and the first movie was ok... but this looks like a nightmare!

  2. Ugh the 1st movie SUCKED- the plot had the women so weak and subservient, not only was it unlike the tv series (which i love), but it was an awful message to send to women everywhere. "get screwed over? go running back to him!"

    it was enough to make me not go see this next one.

  3. I'm so excited for the movie. The more over the top the better lol. I don't really care if it's cliche and silly because I just like to get together with my friends and see the SATC ladies in action again. I'm very easy to please haha

  4. I will be at the premiere, and proud! Yet probably cringing in my seat at the cheese factor. I am planning to view it at the theater in town that lets you bring in drinks and will be sipping cosmos, so maybe I won't notice the horrible soundtrack and obvious plot - ha! :) xo

  5. I think I just get embarrassed because the show worked so hard to emphasize independent strong minded women, and this movie looks like the complete opposite to me. Besides the insensitive take on well...wearing $10,000 breast bearing dresses to a muslim country (like they wouldn't be kicked out or anything) and all while the rest of the world is in a financial meltdown. It just goes too far I think, and makes women look like shallow individuals. Like all we care about are our men and our shoes. And that is pathetic to me and not what the show was about at all. But I'm still gonna go see it...damn.

  6. I lived for the show and loved the movie, but I'm skipping this one. I'll watch it on dvd though!