Wednesday, May 12, 2010

You Otter Know

I have been crazy busy this last week and it just doesn't seem to be stopping in the near future. I spent this last weekend in Carmel for mother's day (HI MOM). We went to a fabulous brunch and ate until we almost popped.

I got home just in time to celebrate my 2 year anniversary with the boy (HI BOY) where we went to a fantastic fondue restaurant in the bay area and ate until we almost popped, who can say no to melted cheese with bread and melted chocolate with fruit while listening to David Cassidy sing "I think I love you"? I certainly can't, and the 70's pop soundtrack made it all the better.
Now we leave tomorrow for San Luis Obispo and Los Angeles to go apartment hunting until Sunday. Hopefully at least one of us comes home with a place to live and/or at least good prospects. After that it will be pack, pack, pack and then back on the road to LA we go.

I'm glad to say that the ball is now rolling full steam ahead. After being unemployed and bored for almost the last year I'm more than happy to have a lot to do.
Needless to say blogging will be sporadic for the next few weeks until the dust settles. So please bare with me and my limited writing/commenting.

Until I can get back into a good rhythm look at this cute picture of a baby otter and his mommy. It seems like the right time to post this if there were ever a wrong time.

Have a lovely day my dears.


  1. Hi Cinnamon...such a cute any time! Happy anniversary (belated)! Good luck with the apartment hunting and the move. I'll think good thoughts for you.

  2. good luck on the apartment! Such an exciting (though I'm sure a bit frustrating) time, I love love love the hunt!

  3. Happy anniversary girl! Sounds like such a lovely time - can't beat fondue. No worries about the absence - we will forgive you! :) xo