Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Can someone please tell me what this new fascination with New Jersey is? Cause I've been there, and it aint that great and as far as I can tell none of the shows prove me wrong.

These people just can't be real...

I just don't get it.


  1. Your generalization of New Jersey is almost as offensive as those TV shows.

    Am I to assume that you're just like Heidi from The Hills because you're from CA?

    The NJ that I know is barrier islands, surfers (and GREAT waves), carolina skiffs cruising through marshland, driving beat up lifted trucks on the beach, backyard bbq's, barefoot skateboarding, and thousands of acres of farmland. South, Central, and Northern Jersey are like different countires. What you see on TV is North & Central.

    p.s. not one of the people on Jersey Shore is from New Jersey, they're what we call "shoobies"- tourists who rent a house on the beach (only shoobs call it the shore) from memorial day through labor day.


  2. Oh, they're real alright. That's the scary part of it all...

  3. Dearest Holli,

    I apologize that I upset you. I was hoping most of you who read my blog would know I was being somewhat sarcastic and see how I was merely making a comment about crappy television and their pathetic focus on one shallow short sighted topic at a time. I'll go back to brushing my blonde hair, and eating frozen yogurt now. Sorry again.

  4. I love the Jersey shore...just not the show. It's MTV's successful attempt at cashing in. They haven't ruined the reputation of the Jersey shore because I know the real Jersey shore well enough to know that is so unlike reality.

  5. What is the real Jersey shore like? I feel like TV misrepresents just about everything that is really reality.

  6. I think most of these shows are hilarious, but I'm a sucker for bad TV. That said I doubt these people are a real representation of those from New Jersey. Just take Jersey Shore for example--not only are most not from NJ but some aren't even Italian.