Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It ain't all that bad

Ok, here goes. I saw the new Sex and the City movie and...I liked it. I actually liked it. Of course I went in thinking I was going to hate it, and while there were a few cringe worthy moments, I think going in expecting to sit there in horror actually helped me leave pleasantly surprised.

The decadence was over the top, the clothes weren't that great and there were a couple of times where I thought "what the hell is going on here..." but for the most part the story line had some deep and meaningful qualities to it that save the film. The whole message I took from it was that relationships are hard, not just romantic ones but friendships, parenting, even work relationships and that they need to be worked on to maintain the positive aspects of them.

I actually really empathized with Carrie in her fear of losing the romance in her relationship and her fear of losing the fabulous life of a single woman. I think about that sometimes. When I got engaged one of my closest friends, my night out on the town buddy said, "Well, I will look back on all our fun single girl nights with fondness..." And while I smiled and hugged her, inside I was wondering why all of those fun nights out had to stop now that I was getting married? I worry about getting lazy as a couple, I don't want to turn into that couple that stops talking and doing things together and just watches tv in silence all the time, or have completely separate lives because we're so different in what we want. It takes work to maintain the "sparkle" and I understand that fear that she harbors.

But in the end I appreciate that Carrie realizes that it's not that her life; in settling down with Big, is changing for the worse and she should fight it, but that it's merely changing, and that she needs to embrace it for all the goods things and not look on it with dread.

I still want to be able to hold on to all the fun nights I have with friends, and I think I can do that. I think that both the boy and I want to maintain the romance in our relationship and not get lazy about things (though I do have to admit maybe that's more me than him, he thinks settling down and watching tv on the couch is just part of being in a relationship and I wholeheartedly disagree...but that's a different post I suppose...).

In the end I left the movie much happier than I thought it would. I think that it actually mirrored the television show more than the critics gave it credit for. It was all about the trials of being a wife, a parent, a woman, a friend, and career woman all in one film. If you can look past some of the ridiculous side stories and crappy jokes, it really did have some redeeming qualities.

I may have even liked it better than the first one...


  1. There were parts of the movie that I absolutely loved, like the Carrie and Big storyline, and Charlotte's struggles with being a parent. I think that stuff was "real".

  2. it is on my list of movies to see but i was in france when it came out and all the girls dressed up and got together to see it in theaters so i think i kind of missed the boat on this one. do you read garance doré's blog? she wrote that the new movie is "not much sex, even less city" and that sort of killed it for me but i might have to change my mind after having read your review!

  3. All the reviews for the film were TERRIBLE. I mean really really bad, I didn't hear a single review that said anything good about the film. And a lot of people were complaining that it was nothing like the show (which I think everyone agrees was great). Going in I expected nothing good, and leaving I was surprised by how much I liked it. The bad reviews may have actually saved it for me by going in with low expectations. I will say this, the first one I saw opening night and dressed up this one I waited for almost a month before seeing it. You could wait for it to come out on dvd...

  4. i totally agree on the theme with carrie/big/boredom...but other than that i wasnt a fan! it was SO cheesy and predictable. just couldnt get past that.
    BUT loved carrie/big's apartment - amazing couch!

  5. I didn't saw it and sincerely I don't want to, but I already made my choise, I definetly want my single life, until now I have not found someone that like my likes.. I like to travel and try many different things every weekend, because I work the other 5 days haha