Friday, June 18, 2010

What I've learned so far...

Things I have learned from my past 2 weeks in LA:

1) People's lives literally revolve around the traffic...and they think that's normal. Leaving an hour and a half early to go all of 20 miles seems like no big deal to anyone down here. And if there's an accident? Cancel your plans. Seriously.

2) The traffic problem is like survival of the fittest, and I'm not fit enough. It's an urban jungle out there and I get butterflies every time I have to get on the 405 or the 110. I mean how many freeways do you really need, and does each one really need 2 different names (The 110 aka Harbor freeway)? This is getting confusing! And there isn't any separation between towns, it's a continuous stream with no divide, in just 3 minutes you can drive through 5 different towns but in the end? Everyone says they're from Los Angeles.

3) In relation to the traffic, southern Californians are some of the worst drivers I have come across in my life. Why do you have to tail me when there are 7 other lanes you could be driving in? And why pass me and cut me off only so you can drive as slow as the guy I was behind in the first place, and you're turning left in 30 ft anyway?

4) Vintage clothes are SO much more expensive. Like someone could have died in that shirt and you're gonna charge me how much?!

5) Lakers fans are very serious about the game, and one shouldn't mouth off about any other basketball team or you will get beat.

6) Los Angelenos will riot for just about anything (hello NBA championships). These people are frustrated and they want to burn things.

7) The people down here aren't the friendliest bunch I've ever met in my life. I feel like people think I'm a weirdo every time I smile and say hello. How do you make friends down here?

8) There are a lot of places to go and things to do down here, whether you're into museums, the outdoors, shopping, dining, movies, or a mini vacay (hello Vegas, San Diego and Palm Springs) there are a million places you can go to find what you want. Things are convenient for sure.

9) Fashion is a high priority for a lot of people, and I love that, I feel like I fit in and don't stand out like a sore thumb wearing my most of my wardrobe, but flats are a must as there is a lot of walking to be done; people really love their flip flops down here.

10) You just have to find your niches in southern California and stick with it, find your grocery store, your favorite breakfast restaurant, favorite coffee shop, good shopping and what not and things will be a lot easier if you don't have to venture too far out.

Hopefully soon there will be a lot more positives than negatives. I haven't been here that long, and I'm still getting the lay of the land but so far it ain't that bad (with the exception of that BS traffic).


  1. The traffic never gets better. One of the reasons I moved to San Diego. LA can be amazing. If you are in the mood for good food and good cake check out ALCOVE.

  2. Thanks! I just found a cupcake shop that I wish I hadn't. I think about getting one every day :)

  3. wowza - i havent been to LA since i was little but you are not making me excited to go back:) the traffic sounds insane! fun about the fashion though, and all of that sunshine!

  4. #1 through 10 - YEP. You got it! ;) Ha. Another thing - people are expected to flake out. If someone actually shows up to your event or whatever, it's rare. But I do still miss LA. All my friends from college are still there. I honestly think it would be hard to live there if you didn't grow up, go to college, or date someone who did.

  5. hi cinnamon, and wilkommen to LA! i'm a San Jose transplant in the OC, and yes, traffic is sh*ttastic. i miss the bay alot, but life down here is much more exciting. i really hope that you'll enjoy yourself! :)

  6. This made me laugh out loud! As a self-proclaimed Townie, I love hearing everyone's thoughts about my homeland! You're totally right about the traffic and the people, and the flip flops! LA is definitely a "love it, or leave it" kinda town.

    Welcome to the block!