Monday, June 28, 2010

There's a reason diners are open 24 hrs right?

I've been trying to put my feelers out there about wedding stuff knowing that as soon as grad school starts in September, good ol wedding planning will definitely take a back seat for me. We have priorities people, ya know?

The wedding planning industry is really trying to break out of the mold of what is typically wedding, and embrace what is unique (hello DIY) but still there are a lot of the same things you'll see at just about every wedding; especially formal sit down dinner weddings, which is something I'm seriously looking into (I like to eat ya'll). But I don't want to do the same old chicken or fish, I don't eat chicken and the boy hates fish so...we come to a crossroads.

I was sitting with a few friends a while back and over sushi and beers we were discussing what would be a super cool wedding meal, someone said a baked potato bar, with all the fixings, there was the obvious answer In n' Out truck (holler!) and a few other gems and it all got me thinking. What do I really love to eat, what is something that would be totally unique and fun, wouldn't break the bank, and wouldn't be over the top tacky (like dominoes pizza or something...which I could totally get into just for the pure tackiness of it but I digress).

Then it dawned on me over pancakes one night, I LOVE breakfast food, I mean I have a serious love affair with all things breakfast. It's my favorite meal of the day and who doesn't love having breakfast for dinner?

I feel like we could satisfy everyone...a fancy french toast bar, an omelet bar, ham and eggs, biscuits, hash browns, mimosas...all done in a tasteful manner. We could have it buffet style so everyone can get what they want. I told the boy my idea and his eyes lit up, I think he likes it.

I think it would be kind of fun, and I've never seen breakfast done for dinner at a wedding before. Which easily checks off the unique idea.

But then the boys mom came into the picture, she's awfully traditional (meaning her head is going to explode by the end of hearing all my ideas for this wedding cause I am not) and she could not wrap her mind around our wedding being at night, and not in the morning when breakfast is usually served.

So here's my question, is breakfast for dinner at a wedding tacky? Or fun and unique and you can dig it?

Any other ideas for a fun dinner reception, that won't cost a ton of money and you don't usually seen done before?


  1. Eff them all, it's your wedding! If you want pancakes, then have your pancakes! You can always figure out a way to make it seem more dinner like (easy to do with meat or fish dishes, which are eaten at breakfast; for example, instead of breakfast links, you could do pork sausage patties - something I see offered as a side at all the nicer restaurants for dinner here in Chicago. Or perhaps instead of just plain old bacon, have bacon wrapped scallops/anything else. A nice blend of both morning and evening meals.) And if it causes too much drama (which you could choose to ignore), then what's wrong with a mid-day wedding? I've known quite a few people to finish all festivities by late afternoon!

  2. Dude I love breakfast so much! And breakfast for dinner is even better!

    I think this is one of those situations where the traditionalists will think you are ridiculous until the wedding, then it'll happen and they will love it the most!

    Oh, breakfast...

  3. I think that would be an adorable idea! I looove breakfast for dinner, it is one meal that I will always love. At a wedding it sure is going to be unexpected. For those traditional ones I'm sure they will be thrown off, but hey, it's your wedding and if breakfast for dinner is your favorite then that's how you roll! Im sure the traditionalists will get their noses bent out of shape at first, if so, but then they will LOVE it. Mimosas is a good idea since some people expect drinking at a wedding. Maybe some champagne too? But I think this idea is one for the ages!

  4. i wish i had thought of this first. that is an amazing idea!

  5. Well after all, in British countries it is called the "Wedding Breakfast"...meaning the "first meal" of the two of you as a new family...Mum!